Open Weeks

Grade 3 at barre

We open classes for viewing in Terms 1, 2 and 3 – generally the last week of Term 1, around the middle of Term 2 in May and just after the ballet exams in Term 3.

Grade 3 standing at barre

The points below will help keep our Open Weeks calm and memorable occasions.
Please take a moment to read through them carefully.

  • Switch off or silence mobile phones.
  • Please use your discretion when bringing in siblings. Young children that cannot keep still or quiet are a distraction and can spoil the class for everyone.
  • Larger classes need to limit visitor numbers. Please keep guests to a maximum of two.
  • If arriving late or leaving early, please wait until the music stops.
  • No cameras of any kind – still or video. If you wish to take a photo please mention this to the teacher, who can leave time at the end for a quick photo opportunity.
  • Do not help or correct your child in class; the teacher needs full attention at all times.
  • Finally, enjoy your child for what he or she has achieved. Do not compare – we don't. Every child is an individual, working at their own pace.

Photography by Beth Jennings