Grade 3 floor

All registrations are now processed online.

The 'Portal', found on the top tab/menu item of our website, will allow families to register, input/access contact details and check class capacity.

2015 families need to access the portal from the left hand box headed 'Already Registered with CLASSICAL BALLET CENTRE CANBERRA?', using your supplied email address. Click on 'Forgot your password?' to create a password to access your details. Do not register as a new student (in the right hand box headed 'New to CLASSICAL BALLET CENTRE CANBERRA?') - your contact details and classes have already been entered into the system.

New and existing families are not able to enrol, change or delete classes directly from the portal. Please email Lorraine Bennett, Director, for availability or to enrol into classes.

Once students have been enrolled into classes by the Director, families will also have access to class and account information via the portal.

Photography by Beth Jennings