Classical Ballet

The Classical Ballet Centre Canberra (CBCC) trains students using syllabi from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and the International Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD). For further information about the syllabuses follow the links below to the examinations area: www.rad.org.au, www.istd.org

Graded levels: Most students consistently attending two ballet lessons a week will be offered the opportunity to partake in examinations. Students who have only attended class twice a week for 6 - 12 months are normally not ready to take a graded examination, but may be ready to take a ‘class’ examination taken in group format. More information will be made available. As the Canberra Graded examination sessions in the ISTD and RAD are held mid Term 3, we do not have a full year to study the syllabus, which is the reason that two classes per week taken from the beginning of the year and the July holiday classes are compulsory for all examinations.

Vocational levels: These are for students attending three or more classical classes per week. Most students with a positive manner and approach and consistent attendance and work ethic are able to achieve these levels, however levels may take 2–3 years before ready for an examination. The Canberra exam session is held in late August, early September.

Two to three extra coaching classes (normally held on Sundays), and holiday classes (examination entrants only – not compulsory for presentation class students) will be required leading up to exams.

Please see charges below.

Modern and Tap

Tap and Modern exams are offered under the ISTD generally every 6 months. Two extra coaching classes (normally held on Sundays), and holiday classes will be required leading up to exams.

Graded levels: Students generally need to be participating in ballet exams to participate in modern and tap exams. There may be exceptions to the rule in earlier levels, but as the difficulty level increases ballet examinations are a requirement to provide the foundation required. Students will typically take 12 months at junior levels and 18 months to 2+ years from Grade 2/3 level, at the discretion of the Director.

Vocational levels: These levels require a certain amount of personal time investment and prepare students for the rigours of contemporary work as well as start the path towards teaching qualifications.


All examinations and presentation classes have an entry charge. CBCC includes a small additional charge for the pianist or music player. Coaching class, holiday class and hire fees (if applicable) are charged as per the information on your entry form.

Are Examinations Compulsory?

Students do not need to participate in an examination to move to the next level, however they do need to show aptitude and attend classes regularly. Students grade 2 and above normally need to attend class twice a week to progress each year.